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Forensic Accounting



Building on our skills and experience in the areas of auditing, accounting, and taxation, our forensic accountants look beyond the obvious, apply intuition, critical analysis, and an understanding of human behavior to obtain an accurate picture of key events, transactions, and business dealings. Our expertise is coupled with our understanding of the legal process, how to conduct investigations, financial analyses and other accounting procedures at a level acceptable to the legal system. The results are clear and concise reports, exhibits, and visual aids, in addition to knowledgeable, precise expert witness evidence.


We have assisted attorneys, courts, banks, insurance companies, municipalities, government regulatory bodies and agencies, small businesses and large corporations with their litigation and investigative accounting needs and requirements. Our experience can provide a competitive advantage in a wide range of civil, criminal, and investigative matters and includes:

  • Forensic Audits
  • Business Investigation of Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Divorce Investigation of Hidden or Wasted Marital Assets and Business Interests
  • Damage Calculations
  • Due Diligence and Compliance Audits
  • Business Valuations
  • Analysis of Accounting and Tax Issues in Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Reconstruction of Accounting Records
  • Modeling of Systems
  • Review of Internal Controls and Management Practices
  • Identification of Departures from Customary Business Practices or Professional Standards
  • Analysis of Insurance Claims
  • Participation in Settlement Negotiations
  • Expert Witness Testimony


Because of our unique understanding and experience in such industries as health care, medical and other professional service practices, governmental bodies and agencies, government contractors, financial institutions, securities construction, real estate development and management, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and not-for-profit organizations, we are able to pinpoint areas of concern that require further investigation and analysis.

Many legal matters involve complex financial and taxation issues. Advising attorneys, their clients, and the court about these issues requires a unique combination of skills and knowledge. Our specialized training, analytical and modeling skills, and reputation for objectivity and credibility backed by years of experience can significantly enhance an attorney's ability to evaluate and present a client's position.


Accurately valuing assets, losses, and damages can be critical to the outcome of many litigation situations. Valuations prepared and presented by our experts can add credibility and validity to a case. Our experience includes valuations of businesses, lost wages, damage claims, fraud, insurance claims, retirement plans, personal injuries, estates, and marital assets, among others.


By involving our specialists from the beginning, an attorney and his/her client can maximize the resources available and gain a significant advantage. We can assist in evaluating the merits of a case and subsequent litigation, organizing and evaluating financial information, assessing the ability to collect a judgment, suggesting financial alternative, and in developing strategy and plans of actions.


During pre-trial and discovery, we can assist in determining which documents should be requested, suggesting avenues of inquiry, organizing and analyzing documents, preparing questions for depositions, evaluating deposition responses, answering interrogatories, analyzing the opposition's strategies, claims, and arguments, and verifying amounts in dispute. In preparations for trial, we work with the attorneys to prepare financial reports, analysis, and exhibits that are meaningful and persuasive.


At trial, our professionals bring years of experience as expert witnesses in presenting their testimony and responding to questions on direct and cross-examination. They can also assist in evaluating the validity of the exhibits and testimony of other experts. In addition, we are experienced in evaluating settlement proposals and their potential financial impact.

We have developed a unique body of knowledge of regulatory and compliance issues and unique tax, accounting, and economic challenges faced by numerous industries. Combining specialty and industry knowledge and experience provides an insight and a unique understanding equaled by few firms.

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