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Case Studies



White Collar Criminal Investigation for U.S. Treasury


Directed a multidisciplinary team of CPAs, former IRS CID agents, forensic accountants, information technology specialists, and Special Treasury Agents in an extensive fraud investigation for a department of the United States Treasury. His fraud team assisted in building, maintaining, analyzing and reporting on databases of over 75,000 financial transactions (over 3 million data elements) involving 23 commercial operations. Deliverables included: investigation and reporting on financial and tax statements, analysis of operational revenues and expenses, sources and uses of cash flows, analysis of costs of merchandise in comparison to sales, tracing of net cash (income, less purchases for supplies and operations), and the tracing of paper and electronic funds transfers. Team members worked to support other federal and state agencies that became involved, as well as worked with the United States Attorney’s Office. Findings included fraud, wire fraud, structured currency transactions to avoid financial institution reporting requirements (i.e. frequent cash transactions less than $10,000) both domestically and overseas (the Mideast), and money laundering violations. The investigation resulted in the arrest of 10 individuals on fraud claims of approximately $20 million dollars over an 18-month period.

Medical Group Fraud Investigation


Performed a forensic investigation into the operational and financial management of a four-office medical group practice to trace billing, collection, and expenditure flows to determine embezzlement of funds, fraudulent financial reporting, and the set-up of a dummy billing entity.

Forensic Examination Marital Assets

  Conducted forensic investigation of hidden asset of a high-level public official in a divorce proceeding. Through tracing of assets, uncovered approximately $350,000 of unreported cash, securities and cash-value life insurance policies not disclosed in legal reporting documents. Engagement resulted in all previously unreported assets being incorporated into the proper schedules and claims.

Arbitration Engagement Involving Construction Dispute


Lead arbitrator in a construction dispute between a national design-builder and a general contracting group. Claims amounted to $400,000 in damages on a package delivery distribution center (similar to Roadway, UPS, etc.) built in an industrial airpark. Arbitration matters took over 5 months with a 7-day hearing that included over 300 exhibits, 3 expert witnesses, 11 fact witnesses, and 9 parties with attorneys.

Mediator for Dissolution of Political Consulting and Lobbying Firm


Mediator of the dissolution of a $24 million Washington, DC political consulting and lobbying firm. Parties had already instituted litigation in Delaware. Mediation took place in 2 suites at the Crystal City Marriott and lasted nineteen and one-half hours. An equitable resolution was reached, agreements written, the lawsuit terminated, saving hundreds of thousand of dollars in litigation; and professional and personal relationships, reputations, trade secrets and confidentialities were preserved.

Forensic Examination International Association

  Directed forensic investigation of Executive Director and administrative staff of this professional association. Uncovered scheme of fraud and misappropriation covering several years resulted in the replacement of entire administration.


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